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I just joined, and thought I ought to say hello.

I'm Emily, I'm 27, and it's probably very sad that it took me two minutes to remember whether I was 26 or 27!

Most of my time is spent on my little daughter, who is a year old and whose favourite band appears to be Combichrist. You'd think she was having some kind of fit when Intruder Alert is on. She also likes Slayer though, so she's clearly not prepared to tie herself to any one genre.

When I'm not otherwise engaged abusing my speakers and torturing men on the internet, I like to watch films, mostly ones in other languages and mostly of the brain-frying kind. I have an extremely deadpan and tasteless sense of humour which earns me a great many odd looks/lectures, and my dirty secrets are that I love to bake and cross stitch. Don't go telling people that last part, I have a reputation to protect.

I have no publicly visible vices, unless you count irritating all holy hell out of my best friend and housemate, which is obviously what she is there for. She pulls the most fantastic faces when she's trying to stop herself throttling me that I just can't help it. All my other vices take place in private (generally) although sometimes I pass the photos around afterwards.

This community may be a little on the quiet side, but I'm attracted to it because firstly you look quite friendly (and it's often harder to go into a large community anyway), and secondly it's nice to see a musically community that isn't a non-stop parade of flyers!

Also, as you may already have noticed, I can blather a lot of crap once I get started. I'll shut up now.
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