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Hi everyone!
I've just joined up and haven't had time to sort my lj out yet - no icons, comments or friends!
Anyhow, I'm probably older than your average rivethead, and I've been into electronic music since Kraftwerk and Gary Numan changed the face of it, waaay back in the day. Remember the lean times in the late 80's too, when EBM was practically unheard of until Nitzer Ebb and Front 242. *sheesh* times have certainly changed for the better!
Nowadays I like all manner of industrial / EBM / darkwave and anything else in between.

Gigs wise, I'm off to see Fear Factory this Saturday, then Covenant, Apop, Nitzer Ebb in London ( can't wait to see these guys again - saw them on the Big Hit tour - one of my best ever gigs! ) and of course, the mighty FLA at Infest. YOWZA! Missed them the last time they played these shores, and never thought I'd get chance again! Wanted to go to Elektrofest at the end of the month to see [:SITD:] again - they kicked ass on the VNV tour. Shame I can't make it though :(

Think that's about it really - be great to meet up with peeps at Infest though.
...and why isn't this community promoted more? This is the sort of thing we need! :)

++ OVER AND OUT +++______________
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